Lean Software and Systems Body of Knowledge Portal

Alan Shalloway, CEO, Net Objectives, Lean Competencies Chair, Lean SSC.

These pages comprise the Lean SSC body of knowledge. This collection of information is intended to be:

  • a resource to Lean SSC members in extending their knowledge of Lean/Kanban systems
  • an informal definition of Lean/Kanban Software Development
  • a description of competencies required, along with resources to learn them, to be able to manifest Lean/Kanban Software Development

This collection of information is neither considered complete nor definitive. It also is recognized as needing to be maintained and updated as new ideas come forward and as new practices are accepted and rejected. Essentially, this is a dynamic body of knowledge and will be updated as the community’s understanding evolves.

It is organized into three sections – each with its own introduction:

Competencies. These links provide a listing of competencies that different people throughout the software development value stream must have. It is organized around the value stream and provides resources to attain the competencies presented.
Resources. This section provides a list of resources of value for anyone wanting to learn more about Lean/Kanban Software development. It is organized around the different aspects of Lean.
Lean-Model. It has been found useful to describe Lean in terms of a model, that is, a way of describing Lean. Lean actually is not merely a collection of knowledge or information. However, presenting a description of Lean in this way provides a useful taxonomy of some of its components.